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 Rebecca: an erotic tale.

The yellow waterpaint letters shouted the word "Rebecca" from the matte black of the door. Above them, the number 12 was attached in the form of two ancient, rusting brass numerals. Tom straightened his collar and took a deep breath. He could begin to feel how utterly unprepared he was for this, and the realization froze him in his tracks.

He stood there, motionless, with his hand some distant instant away from knocking on the door and his eyes glazed. He was looking inside himself, attempting to summon up the courage to take this plunge into the unknown. The decision was made for him, though, when suddenly the door opened, and she stood before him.

"Hi, I'm Rebecca." Her voice was full and sweet, and Tom could do nothing but stare at her equally full and sweet lips as they released her words into the air. Once the lips stopped moving, Tom moved his gaze upward, across the smooth, pale skin of her face to the bright green gems of her eyes. When he saw them he knew that her gaze was cutting right through him, and that there was nothing he could do about it.

After a moment of this silent staring, she raised her eyebrows and asked "Can I help you?"

"You're the witch, right?" Tom asked, immediately flinching at the stupidity of his own words.

Rebecca just smiled at the awkward moment, and replied, "Yes, that would be me. Are you here for worship?"

Tom stammered. He saw the beautiful woman standing in front of him, her fire red, slightly shorter than shoulder-length hair done into two tight, neat pigtails, exposing her soft, white neck and shoulders. Those shoulders lead the eye down to some rather impressive clevage, peeking out of the undone bottons of her thin, white blouse. In fact, the blouse only had two buttons attached, and besides showing some impressive clevage, it also displayed her toned, tattooed navel.

Tom strained his eyes to get a closer look at the tattoo, and saw that it was, in fact, the top of a larger, more elaborate image that dissapeared beneath her tight, pvc pants. The pants themselves curved around her round, tight ass and gently hugged her long, luscious legs all the way down to her ankles. Beneath those were her feet, peeking out of the size five red high heels.

"Uhm, hello?" Rebecca repeated. Tom was shocked out of his leer and suddenly very emberassed.

"Hi." Tom said, not quite regaining his compusure.

"Your name is?" She asked. Her voice was soft and girlish, and yet she spoke with authority.

"Tom. My name it Tom." This was going much worse than he expected.

"Hi, Tom. I'm Rebecca. What are you here for?"

Tom took a deep breath, and attempted to steady himself before he said "I need a spell."

There was silence for a moment, till Tom continued "I brought money."

Rebecca scanned her eyes accross Tom, trying to get a bead on this man who'd walked up to her door, wanting a spell. Finally, she asked "How much?"

"Two hundred" Tom said, feeling a bit more confident with a question he could easily answer.

Rebecca shrugged for a moment, and finally said "Okay, come on in."

She stepped aside from the door, and Tom entered. The one bedroom apartment was just small enough to be called cozy, yet the lack of any traditional furniture made it seem much more spacious than it actually was. A thin, slightly musky incense burned in the corner, on the top of a shelf that held various cryptic books, bowls, and jars. The walls were covered with oil paintings and woven designs, and the sole source of light was a small gathering of candles in a corner. Suprisingly, though, there seemed to be plenty of light to see.

Rebecca closed the door, and told Tom to take a seat. Tom took a moment, attempting to determine what should and should be sat on, untill he finally settled on a large, round pillow.

Rebecca went up to Tom and said "Give me the money."

Tom complied, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulled out ten twenty dollar bills, neatly folded in half. Rebecca took the money, and as she reached down, Tom couldn't help but notice her pert nipples and the indention they were causing on her blouse. As she quickly counted the money Tom couldn't take his eyes off them, and his lusting gaze was only broken when Rebecca went accross the room and put the cash into a small box on the same shelf as the incense.

She returned from the corner of the room and sat accross from Tom. She gave him a look, as if she was peering deep within him, and then asked "So, what's your problem?"

"Well, it's not me, really, it's my girlfriend. You see, she has problems getting turned on. I was wondering if you could do something that would help her. My friends, Margo and Nate, they say that you were able to help them."

"You came here alone to get a potion for your girlfriend?"

"She's really shy, and she doesn't even really believe in this stuff."

"And what's to say you aren't going to take this potion and use it on some helpless woman at a club?"

"Well, you're a witch. If I was going to do that, wouldn't you be able to tell?"

"True. I would... Allright, take off your pants."

Tom was taken aback. "Take of my pants?"

"You heard me, we're going to have to be naked for this to work."

With that, Rebecca undid the last few buttons of her blouse, and cast it aside. The tops of her nipples were barely peeking out of the low black bra she was wearing, and the very sight of them made Tom hard. This worried him, as he didn't want the witch to see him so aroused for something that was almost certainly routine for her. He quickly turned around, and began slowly taking off his shirt, all the while attempting to concentrate on something else besides the young naked pagan who was by then wearing only a small pink g-string.

Gradually, his nervousness helped cause his erection to become less noticeable, and he finally took off his pants and underwear. He turned to see Rebecca's sculptured back and ripe round ass facing him. She was at the table, flipping through the pages of a book and picking up several items.

When she turned around, Tom was amazed. She looked even better without any clothes. Her thighs were smooth and lean, and lead up to a neat, trimmed bush of pubic hair, just as red as that on top of her head. Her tits, while no longer experiencing the push-up effect of her bra, still showed no sign of sag, and the air had made her lightly colored nipples stand at attention.

"Well, that's quite a cock," Rebecca said. Tom looked down and saw that he was hard again. He was about to turn around and attempt to hide it, but Rebecca stopped him. "Good, that'll make things faster."

"So what happens now?" Tom asked, confused.

"Well, it's all pretty simple," Rebecca replied, pulling out an empty bottle. "All that we need is this oil..." She produced an vial from her assortment of items, and emptied it into the bottle. "...this herb dust..." she then pulled out a jar, popped the top, and sprinkled a bit of the dust within into the bottle. "...some ritually collected cum and pussy juice."

Tom nearly collapsed when he heard those words. Before he could even say a word, Rebecca opened another jar, and began to pour the contents in a circle around them. Tom attempted to interrupt her, saying "Wait a second! Ritually collected cum and pussy juice? What the hell?"

"It's really simple," Rebecca said as she finished up the circle, "This is our sacred circle, and this is our ritual." Suddenly she was on her knees in front of Tom "Now I'm going to suck your cock and you're going to be good and cum in this bottle, okay?"

Tom was speechless. Rebecca put her full, red lips around the head of his cock, and Tom gasped in pleasure. The warmth of her mouth seemed to spread from the tip of his shaft to the very center of his being as she swallowed him deeply. For a moment, her tongue pressed against his pleasure spot at the bottom of the head, slowly circling it. Then, as she could feel his excitement grow, she took him deep within her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and taking him deeper with every bob, 'till her nose was up against him warm, sex-smelling pubic hairs. She then felt him begin to spasm, and quickly took his cock out of her mouth, letting him ejaculate into the bottle.

Tom shuddered with the force of the orgasm, his breath held deep and his eyes closed tightly. He was surprised that he hadn't accidentally fallen down. It was the first time he had ever had a blow job while standing up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Rebecca, adding more oil and herb dust to the bottle.

"You let out a pretty hefty load there, Tom. I'm going to have to turn this potion into a double..."

"Uhm, sorry..."

"Oh, no problem, that just means my job is going to be even more fun." As Rebecca finished corked the vial of oil, she placed the bottle beneath herself, and began to masturbate. Her fingers dancing through her red hairs as she let out a sigh. "Sucking you off did made me really horny. I need this pretty bad." Her fingers continued to move, and she finally set the bottle beneath her, and began using her other hand to tweak her nipples and run up and down her skin. The sensation was overwhelming. It had been so long this this young pagan woman had a chance to get herself off, she took every chance she could to indulge in her sensations. She reached one hand down, in between her pussy lips, and then brought it back up to her nose, inhaling that pure scent of lust. As her orgasm began to hit, she swore silently to herself that she would do this at least every day from now on, no matter how busy she got.

The sight of Rebecca, back arched, moaning, in the throws of orgasm, was enough to nearly make Tom cum again. It was certainly enough to distract him from the site of the potion, which suddenly possessed a soft red glow. As Rebecca began to come down, she took the bottle and sealed it.

Tom realized that the potion was complete, and reached out his hand to take it. Before he could, thoughl, Rebecca pulled it back. "Oh no you don't. I know you don't have a girlfriend, Tom, and I know exactly what you want to use this potion for." Tom stood stone still, dumbfounded and disbelieving. "You want to fuck that waitress, the one who always blows you off. Well, I don't know if I can let you do that, Tom."

"But..." Tom attempted to search for some type of lie that might get him out of this situation, but he could find none.

"But nothing. You wanted this woman, and you would even go against her will to take her. That's wrong."

Tom hung his head in shame. He had been exposed, and felt horrible about it.

"I might give you the potion, though. It could help you with some woman who actually does want you. But I think you would have to understand exactly what you would be doing by using it." Rebecca stepped forward, and put her hand on Tom's cheek. "There's only one way to understand what you're doing, though, and that's to actually experience it." Her hand suddenly pulled open Tom's mouth, and she managed to pour in several drops before he pulled away in shock.

Tom felt an unnatural tingling sensation on the tip of his toung, and he wondered exactly what this stuff was going to do to him. He looked into Rebecca's eyes, and suddenly everything went red.


The flash of red seemed quick and intense, but Tom knew it couldn't have been. There was no way that he could have gone from standing up and away to bowing before Rebecca's feet in so short a time. He had been out for some time, but the question was, how long?

He looked up and into those wonderful, bright green eyes. He suddenly realized, it didn't matter how long he was out. Nothing at all mattered, except this intense horniness that seemed to consume his entire being. He would do anything to fuck this woman, anything at all.

Rebecca saw that Tom was aware once again, and quickly asked him, "You want to fuck me, don't you?"

Tom replied "Yes, please!"

"I don't know if I should let you, you're such a deceitful boy..."

"Oh please, please, please."

"Hrm... Well, first of all, it's please Mistress."

"Oh please Mistress, please please please Mistress."

"Second of all, you have to be very good if you want to fuck me."

"Oh, I'm good. I'm very good, Mistress."

"Well then, why don't you prove it to me. Lick my feet."

Tom didn't even say a word. He immediatly began his task. His toung darted out of his mouth and began to take in the sweetness of Rebecca, no Mistress's perfectly bare feet. He explored every inch of their petite glory, doing his very best to make them feel as good as possible with his toung as his only instrument. Her perfect toes, with their toenails painted the same red of her lips, would curl and grace his cheek as he licked the underside of her foot.

Rebecca was truely enjoying this treatment. Her horney man-slave's foot-play was turning her on, and soon she was ready for him to move upward. "That's a good boy. You've really got some oral skills, you know. Why don't you exercise them on my pussy."

Tom looked up at his Mistress's eyes, making sure her statement was truth and not mearly a wonderful fantasy. When he saw her commanding gaze, he knew that it was true, and began to move up her leg with soft, gentle kisses. Along the curve of the calf, in the soft crevice behind the knee, up her ivory inner thigh, to his hot, wet destination.

The outer lips had been shaven of hair, and were smooth between his lips. He reached out his toung and tasted her nectar, and immediatly he wanted more. He began to consume her, taking his toung inside, outside, and all around. When he first placed a soft pressure on her clitoris, she gasped in shock and rapture. It was so amazingly good, Rebecca grabbed Tom by the ears ad pulled him closer into her.

Tom continued, with even more vigor, and soon he could feel a gush of his Mistress's sweet juice. Her thighs were wrapped tightly around his head, and yet he could still hear her cries of ecstacy, the loud and constant "ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod", becoming faster and faster, finally followed by a powerful cry of "YES!"

After her orgasm, Rebecca let go of Tom's ears, and released the grip of her thighs on his head. Tom pulled away for a moment, obviously exhausted. Still, though, he looked at her, like a puppy waiting to be fed. She knew that the potion would not wear off untill he came within her, and though she was nearly sated, the site of the man below her, on his knees and practically begging for more, gave her a second wave of lust.

"Fuck me. Right now."

That was all Tom had to hear. His powerful erection had been throbbing for so long that it was almost painful, and yet now it seemed to throb even more. Rebecca pulled Tom with her as she went to the ground, and wrapped her legs around his waist. Her pussy was glistening after the wonderful cunnilingus, and it felt like heaven as Tom glided his cock into it.

He buried his member to the hilt within her sweet mound, overcome by the sheer pleasure of finally getting to sate his lust. He began pumping, and Rebecca was stunned at how very good this fucking felt. She streached her body, accenting her lean abs and full breasts. She was feeling perfectly pleasured, and was truely surprised that Tom, who had been so horney, was able to last this long. Soon her own pleasure began to snowball, and she realized that she was going to come again. Tom could tell that his mistress was on the very brink, and continued the deep, steady thusts that had brought her there.

Rebecca's second orgasm came like an avalanche, explosion and collapse and a movement that seems so grand as to be for mountains. She cried out names of ancient gods is some new language of bliss. This was too much for Tom, and he began to explode into his mistress. His orgasm was so strong he felt weak in the knees afterwards. He fell backwards and almost passed out, yet Rebecca was able to keep him awake.

A smile on her face, Rebecca got up and grabbed a robe. As she was putting it on, she went to Tom, and put the bottle in his hand, saying "Well, here you go. I envy the girl you'll end up using it on..."

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