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This is an archive site only. It is no longer maintained. You can not post comments. You can not make an account. Your email will not be read. Please read this page if you have questions.

 All About Adequacy launched on July 4th, 2001 with great fanfare and enjoyed a fantastically successful run until it was mysteriously shut down on September 11, 2002 under conditions which the staff are forbidden to reveal. What you are looking at is an archive of everything published on the site in its heyday. Nothing has happened with since it was shutdown (other than the creation of this archive), and it is safe to assume that nothing else will happen with it in the future. It's over. Enjoy wallowing through the detritus of what was the finest web site the internet has ever seen. This is all that's left.

If you still have questions regarding what it was all about, the links below may help guide you along, but probably won't. If you want to know who to blame for the archive - elby deftly extracted static content from our proprietary code base. RobotSlave fixed thousands of links in stories and comments that were carelessly created by users in a manner that failed to anticipate the future structure of a static archive. zikzak was single-handedly responsible for total unavailability of the archive for damn near a year while he worked through a few "aesthetic concerns" which mostly seem to have involved cluttering up the pages which gobs of html in order to make them slow to download and even slower to render.

  • Who was responsible for this site? This page tells all.
  • The obligatory faq which probably doesn't answer any of your questions at all.
  • Our mission statement. We're not even sure why we had one of these, but we definitely tried to follow it to the letter.
  • Want to know what people said? Read the past buzz on Adequacy.
  • Our goat blog has only the most important stuff. It's the latest Tumblr senseation.
  • Our press release. No one reads press releases, but it's important to issue them. We're not sure why.
  • Our Mascot represented everything we stood for.
  • The Adequacy shop where you can enjoy the delights of consumerism whilst earning us money. (No longer in business.)
  • The meta page links to all the other special pages you might find on this site. Quite a useful little page.
  • The meat page is not quite as useful as the meta page.
  • Link to the archive from your site. Tell everybody you were "totally into it" back in the day.
  • Our Server Status page was a very good place to find out why you couldn't read Adequacy at a particular moment. If the site was down, this page would tell you why you couldn't accesss the Server Status page to find out why the site was down.
  • There are a number of people we should probably thank.
  • Our Terms of Service.
  • Read our Privacy Policy for the site.

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