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 The little things

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Mar 05, 2002
Whats in a can of cola? Caffeine or government designed mind control drugs? Whats in a bottle of beer?

Whats in the immunisation jabs we are given throughout our lives? just drugs or a microscopic microchip as well?


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The need to control the population is there. The ability to control the population is there too.

In fact the CIA has been messing with mind control drugs since the 50's and it was disclosed that the government had active mind control programs in the 70's. Since then nothing has been heard...but does this mean the US government has abandoned this area of research?

No, the evidence suggests that research has simply gone underground. But after 50 years of work on the subject is it just research or are there now active mind control programs which exist?

Is our society being controlled through mind control drugs? As a people we are very quiet and very few of us are actively critical of our governments. Many of us dont like the way things are heading but will just put up with it.

The last 20 years there has been little civil unrest in our society.

Could we all be being induced by mind control drugs? The water we drink, the beer we drink, the food we eat. We cant possibly know what goes into these materials at the top of the chain. Basically - if someone with power wanted to control us they could do so and how would we ever know?


Malt Liqour (none / 0) (#1)
by Anonymous Reader on Tue Mar 5th, 2002 at 06:55:29 AM PST
Inside each bottle of malt liqour is a chemical designed by the government to magnify and prolong some of the effects of alcohol. While the brother on the porch does not stay drunk any longer than the suit sipping a martini, the tendency toward violence, inability to properly reason, and the reduction of normal inhibitions stays with him for much longer, possibly years. The chemical is also present in cheap wine (Thunderbird, WIld Irish Rose, etc)

This is why our inner city liqour stores stock tremendous quantites of these cheap drinks and offer the consumer no other choice. There are many substitutes that will bring the desired effect of drunkeness for a similar price, the high-schooler fizzy wine by Boone's is one, but you never see them offered for sale.

Malt liqour and cheap wine are both subsidized by the government in that they provide the 'filler' to the distillers and brewers for absolutely no cost, as long as the resulting mixtures are sold in predominantly black neighborhoods. It is a plot designed to keep the black man down, keep black women pumping out children with no fathers, and prevent us from competing in the white dominated society.

I Am Not Affected (none / 0) (#2)
by doofus on Tue Mar 5th, 2002 at 12:21:12 PM PST
I make my own beer.


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