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Who should be the Judge on this show?
Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway of Star Trek) 37%
Dame Judi Dench 0%
Natalie Portman with a white curly judge's wig 62%
Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) 0%

Votes: 8

 Muppets in a courtroom?

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Jan 26, 2002
I just woke up from an afternoon nap, and had yet another crazy dream. In this dream, I was watching TV. I came across a new TV show that was nothing like I had ever seen, yet was very familiar.

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The show was a cross between a reality show, and a court show.

The court room was something out of a bizarre 1980's kid's fantasy show. The courtroom was in a cave. The jury was made up of cackling Muppets. Between the counsel and the judge was a sizable stream of lava. So when the Judge would tell someone to approach the bench, he or she would have to jump over the lava.

The judge herself was stern, fair, and regal. This respectable Englishwoman was a cross between Judge Judy, Judging Amy, and Dame Judy Dench. The bailiff was dressed as a Renaissance sheriff and was played by John Rhys-Davies. Instead of a single plaintiff and defendant, there were two panels filled with experts and celebrities. On this particular episode, they were discussing (what else?) Napster.

For some reason, in the middle of the legal proceedings, carnival music started playing, and lights began flashing. The audience of humans and Muppets went wild. One of the members of the panel (I think she was with the RIAA) was asked "Would you eat maggots to be have a biscuit?" Then a bunch of Chippendales came out with a chocolate treat, and some maggots. She said yes of course. The dance beat began, and the crowd cheered uncontrollably as she was extensively fondled while she ate both treats.

This interesting show was called "Talkback Live," but sadly, that name is already taken. If someone would like to give this show a good name, and to bring it to reality, feel free to do so.


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