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Oct 29, 2001

Twelve Steps Towards Eradicating Terrorism



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Oct 22, 2001

So what yer all saying... Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Oct 23, 2001

woah there partner Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Oct 23, 2001

Hmm... Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Oct 24, 2001

Wake me when it's over... Wil Wheaton Moves Beyond Wesley To Internet Stardom

Oct 25, 2001

Wait... Anthrax - Some factual corrections, but no apology.

Nov 04, 2001

You wanna talk wacky... Should we circumcize our boy?

Nov 07, 2001

Don't let me rain on yer birthday cake... Why They Should Abolish the World Series

Nov 07, 2001

Oh my, you're a moron... I've hit an epiphany

Nov 07, 2001

Man... Whew. Recording is a lot of work. Plus, Sylvain is a wanker.

Nov 07, 2001

Wait a second... Ban All Guns Now!

Nov 11, 2001

Be that as it may... Ken Kesey will go no furthur

Nov 11, 2001

Oh dear... Kesey's dead!

Nov 11, 2001

Ok... Real Men use Realdolls™

Nov 13, 2001

Naw... Fuck Cunt Shit Piss Cocksucker Motherfucker Tits

Nov 13, 2001

So I reckon... Another terrorist act.

Nov 14, 2001

I'm pretty sure... Some major flaws in Evolutionary Theory

Nov 15, 2001

Hey do me a favor... Some major flaws in Evolutionary Theory

Nov 20, 2001

Whilst she's never pissed down my leg Active recruiting

Nov 21, 2001

I got your back here buddy... Damn damn damn.

Nov 22, 2001

Typically Russian. My wife hungers for dark meat, and my nephew is a Commie!

Jan 14, 2002

Two pennys. Life Test #1, Question #1453

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